Ahead of CES, LG unveils 2024 OLED TVs with AI CPUs.

Ahead of CES, LG unveils 2024 OLED TVs with AI CPUs.

Ahead of CES, LG unveils 2024 OLED TVs with AI CPUs.

Just a few days before CES 2024 in Las Vegas begins next week, LG has shown their newest range of OLED TVs. Unexpectedly, the LG Signature OLED M4 and OLED G4 TVs come equipped with an upgraded AI processor that provides four times the performance of the models from the previous year. Compared to its predecessor, the Alpha 11 AI processor offers a 70% increase in visual performance during gaming, improving both picture and audio quality.
According to reports, the AI chip analyzes and modifies colors to "best convey the mood and emotional elements intended by filmmakers" and upscales objects and backgrounds to decrease blur. Additionally, LG claims that a more "three-dimensional" image will be produced by its exclusive Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro technology, which automatically adjusts contrast and brightness. In order to improve speech, the AI processor can even extract vocals from soundtracks and provide virtual surround sound.
The refresh rates have increased, but the resolution stays at 4K. The M4 and G4 models provide a refresh rate of 144Hz, while the previous year's models had a 120Hz maximum. High refresh rates are obviously ideal for gaming and watching action-packed material. In order to do this, every TV has access to LG's webOS platform, which allows users to play games and watch streaming media online.

With LG's exclusive Zero Connect Box, which transmits audio and video wirelessly and does away with connecting connections, the M4 comes equipped with these features. With a frame rate of 120 Hz, the technology offers real-time video and audio transmission up to 4K. This is for those that are steadfastly dedicated to a minimalist living room design.

Gamers will like that LG's latest OLED TVs support both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. Additionally, the panels include LG's Game Optimizer selection menu, which enables users to quickly switch between display presets made for various game genres.
Both availability and price are still subject to change. Maybe next week at CES 2024, we'll learn more details. Along with this announcement, LG also unveiled a 98-inch QNED model and an enormous 97-inch M3 OLED display.

From January 6–12, we will be providing live coverage from CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Here you may stay up to date on all the most recent show news.

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